Monday, 2 November 2015

Worth the Hype? | Good Genes, Sunday Riley

Its hard to believe that any 30ml product is worth £85. I mean for that you could have a spending spree in Topshop right? On seeing all the hype surrounding Sunday Riley's Good Genes, I decided it was an investment I was willing to make... Who doesn't want to fool the rest of the world into thinking they have naturally 'Good Genes'?

This is the first product that I tried from the brand. Good Genes is a leave-on serum treatment which is "formulated with key ingredients which will plump fine lines, reveal brighter, newer skin, and improve circulation for a smooth, vibrant complexion. Long term use will help restore damaged skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and scars, reduce the depth and number of line and wrinkles, even out skin tone, and increase epidermal thickness and firmness.”

Once applied I find it tingly, for me this is a plus as I feel like the product is really getting to work (apparently this is the lactic acid doing its thing!) I would suggest testing before you buy though especially if your skin is super sensitive, the acid in it could easily cause a reaction and be a waste of quite a bit of your precious money. However if your skin is hardy enough to tolerate chemical exfoliants go for it. Its seriously like an 'instant facial' in a bottle.

As I'm a student this was an incredibly naughty purchase, and as a result I cant use it all the time as I really cannot afford to. However I wouldn't want to use it every night as it is pretty strong. When I do use it I only need a tiny pea sized amount before bed- once a week. When I wake up my skin feels all glowy and soft. Perfect

Despite no longer being a teenager I still (sadly) have rather spot prone skin. And my skin takes forever to heal, by forever I mean weeks- but this has definitely helped cut down this healing time. I have found it has also drastically helped to decrease my pore size, especially around my nose area. My skin feels altogether brighter and smoother. This product also works fantastically with older skin. My mum, after using my bottle once went out the next day and bought her own as it works fabulously at plumping and giving the appearance of a younger, dewier more radiant skin.

Packaging wise I love how simple and clean all the products in Sunday Riley's range look, perfect for any dressing table. My boyfriend cannot stand the smell of this product, he claims it smells like dried lemons (is that a thing?) I later found out its heavy scent is a result of the Lemongrass oil. Personally I don't mind it as I know how fantastic this product is and what a difference it makes to my skin. But if you aren't one for heavily scented products this might not be for you.
This stuff is amazing, and a HUGE thumbs up from me. I know this is a pretty big investment, but in my opinion, your skin is so important - you need a good base to apply makeup to and good skin can do wonders for your confidence so its okay to spend a bit of money on it... treat yourself! However make sure you do test it out first because its strong stuff, and the smell could definitely put some people off. You'll thank me later though!
It's available here.

Love Katie x



  1. Such a lovely post. Some really good advice in here.

    Just started my own blog. Yours is really an inspiration.


  2. Fab advice! Sort of want to try this now!
    Ellen x

  3. Good to know how it works for older skin too! Great blog Katie.



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