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L'oreal Colour Riche | 'The Perfect Nudes' Review

I'm such a sucker for a nude lipstick, they're like a Little black dress- every girl should own one and I'm always trying to find the perfect your lips but better shade, as a result my collection is larger than I'd like to admit... 

Last week, popping into Superdrug for some toothpaste I got sidetracked (as usual) and ended up looking at the makeup stands. The L'Oreal Colour Riche Collection Exclusive Nude's caught my eye. They are a range of six sumptuous nude lippies inspired by L'Oreal's multi ethnic spokeswomen, aiming to give you the perfect nude, natural lip colour to complement any complexion.

They are also incredibly affordable, priced at £6.99 each and were on a 3 for 2 offer, I could hardly say no, could I? 

 My naughty purchase consisted of the shades: Eva, Julianne and J'Lo

The shade Eva 'barely golden' inspired by Actress Eva Longoria is a stunning peach toned nude. This was personally my favourite of the three that I'd chosen.
The shade Julianne 'barely peach' is a delicate rose petal pink colour.
The shade JLo 'barely greige' is a sheer light beige toned nude.
Each of them has the classic Colour Riche vanilla-esque scent which I adore so this is a plus for me, however this may not be a favourite for someone who prefers scentless products.

Before I get onto the lipstick itself let us lust at the luxurious casing. The matte black packaging is sleek, looking almost high end, (I find these are incredibly similar to the Nars Satin lipstick casing, but for only a fraction of the price?) I feel like L'Oreal have really outdone themselves with this. In comparison to other more garish drugstore lipsticks they are both understated and classy. (have no fear the lids are well fitted, no more annoying spillages in your makeup bag!)

Swatches (Top-Bottom) JLo, Eva, Julianne

In the bullet themselves the colours look far bolder and more vibrant than they do on the lip, this can be seen in the above swatches. Formulation wise, they are both fairly sheer, incredibly hydrating, and natural looking. Sadly, the wear time of these lipsticks aren't incredibly long, only maybe 2-3 hours, but as they are so lightweight they can be easily reapplied on the go without a mirror unlike some bolder colours which require mirror usage, so this isn't too much of an issue just a bit annoying if you plan on wearing them all day. My favourite thing about these lipsticks are how incredibly versatile and wearable they are. I feel these shades would work with most skin types and could easily be worn as part of a very natural looking, daytime look, or alternatively these lip colours would look gorgeous paired with a deep smokey eye.

To sum these products up, together they provide a lovely nude tone for every complexion and need, being fairly sheer they are not overly pigmented. So despite not making a bold statement, they are perfect for simply enhancing and adding a subtle flush of colour of your lips making them extremely wearable all year round. If you are someone who prefers a heavier, fuller lip colour, this might not be for you. I can't say these are the favourite lipstick I've ever tried before, however, in my opinion, as they only cost £6.99, for a good quality product, you cannot really go wrong, they are available online here.

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  1. I love the JLO shade such a great nude shade!

  2. I love the colors, love the second lipstick!
    Check my new post:

  3. I literally had six swatches of them on the back of my hands today! I went for the J-Lo nude in the end! So many pretty colours, such a shame I don't wear pink too often cuz they really are to die for! <3 I love Maybelline!

    1. J-Lo nude was such a good choice from you, love it! x

  4. This look like such lovely shades!
    Charlotte //


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