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Mary-Lou Manizer | The Balm

I just love a good highlighter, I practically bathe in the stuff till I emit a near radioactive glow. I don't know why I'm so obsessed, they're just so sparkly and pretty and add that extra bit of depth and oomph to your makeup look

Initially I ignored the hype about The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer, this went on for months as I was pretty content with my Film Star Bronze and Glow. Recently however I gave into the hype, and boy oh boy am I glad I did!
The packaging itself is super cute, with a vintage style picture on top of the lid. The powder is contained in a sturdy but sleek, flip lid, plastic case. It also contains an internal mirror, perfect for quick on the go application. Another plus is that the lid fits tight, I carry this around in my handbag all the time and it has yet to open by itself - making it totally-travel friendly!
The highlighting powder itself is a gorgeous shimmery champagne shade. It is so pigmented, a little bit of this goes an incredibly long way. Use with caution: you only need tiniest bit for a nice amount of shimmer, but it is easily buildable for a Beyonce-esque diva like shine, if thats what you prefer. 

The formulation, despite it being a powder is so soft and creamy (almost buttery), it is so finely milled it blends like a dream into the skin giving an instant healthy glow. The shimmer in the product is very fine and dense giving the over all glowy appearance rather than obvious lumps of glitter as is with some other highlighters. In addition I find it does not cling to or emphasise my pores. Fabulous! 
For me this is the perfect highlighter for nights out, it leaves a stunning golden goddess like sheen to areas of the face where applied once the light hits it. I generally use this on the tops of my cheekbones, the inner corners of my eye, my cupids bow and just under my brow bone. This is a multi-use product and could also be used as an opulent shimmery eyeshadow, to brighten up and lift the eye area.

I still reach for my Film Star Bronze and Glow during the day as I prefer a more subtle, natural makeup look during the day. If I was to wear this for the day however, I would have to be incredibly sparing with it so as not to overdo it.

In my opinion those with oily skin may want to test this product out first, as they may well find it only exacerbates their oily skin, making them appear more shiny- which is no ones favourite look.
I am totally besotted with this product. If you are looking to add to the highlighter department of your makeup collection this is a must! I think this would complement most skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest. It is priced at a reasonable £17.50 (between drugstore and high end prices) here. The balm also have a Manizer Sisters Palette if you want to try out all three shades in the range! Stunning stuff 

*If you're a student don't forget your 10% discount code for ASOS (Thank me later)*

Let me know what highlighter you use, or if you've tried this product!

Love, Katie X


  1. This highlighter is so amazing! I love it!

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  3. Such a gorgeous product. I love it! Definitely worth the money.
    Amina xx |


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